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Neighborhoods - City of Palm Springs / An Introduction
Maurice Minno - Palm Springs Homes Realtor

City of PalmSprings City SealThe City of Palm Springs today recognizes 26 neighborhoods, each officially designated as having a neighborhood organization.  

I believe new Buyers of Palm Springs Homes should view Palm Springs geographically in three quadrants:  Central, South and North.

In each of these quadrants, are Palms Springs` specific neighborhoods of potential greater interest or `fit`with Buyer-specific preferences.

The factors I have used in including specific Palm Springs Homes neighborhoods in my review include the following:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal – Street and home views, similarity of Palm Springs Homes in the neighborhood, and overall neighborhood visual aesthetics.
  2. Historical and Architectural Interest – Neighborhood’s historical richness and inclusion of homes of past or present architectural significance.
  3. Overall Buyer Interest and `Fit` – By this I mean the Neighborhood’s general fit for Buyer-specific preferences in terms of home style, age, architectural design, location specifics and even pricing.

My overview of Palm Springs’ Neighborhoods is segmented into each of Palm Springs three quadrants -- Central, South and North.  Further, I have only reviewed those neighborhoods of the City of Palm Springs which I believe to have the most New Buyer interest. 

Maurice Minno - Realtor

For an interactive map showing each of the individual officially designated City of Palm Springs Neighborhoods, please click: Palm Springs Neighborhoods Map.

I hope this overview of Palm Springs Neighborhoods is helpful as you consider your purchase of a Palm Springs Home. 

I invite you to continue on to review the specific sections of my website which cover the Central, South and North Neighborhoods of Palm Springs.

Maurice Minno - Realtor