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Design Features and Characteristics
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The mid 50`s brought an unprecedented era of architectural development in Palm Springs. Desert Modernism, as this Mid-Century modern architecture is now termed, was born. Desert Modernism or Mid-Century Modern homes in Palm Springs today are "cool" and in high Buyer demand given the "Mod-revival" of this classic California desert style. These homes are noted for their minimalism, hip styles, use of bright pastel colors and spaces which open the outdoors inwards. 

Desert Modernism or Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs Homes are best characterized by the following design features, materials and characteristics:

  1. Expansive Walls of Glass. The glass walls open the home`s interior space to the spectacular outdoors thus enabling Palm Springs` outdoor lifestyle.
  2. Dramatic Sweeping Rooflines. These roofline designs were available at the time in several styles; most notably the following: The Butterfly - Two gables which connect at the dip in the middle; Center View or Flat Roof - An elevated center section in the living room area with either a front or side entrance; Gabled (Narrow or Long Gabled) - One gable with two sloping downward roofs; the home has either a front or side entrance. Slot windows were a feature of this design; Single Slope - One flat roof over the car port or garage and near the center of the building, a taller vertical wall rises with a roof that slopes downward from the center to the buildings` exterior wall; Folded Plate - V or W shaped units are attached to each other thus creating a zigzag roof line profile.
  3. Wide Roof Overhangs. These overhangs provide shade to the walls of glass and interior spaces during the sunny daytime hours.
  4. Steel, Plastic, Concrete Use. The extensive use of steel and plastic and formed concrete in many Mid-Century modern design styles. Wood and natural stone were typically used on the exterior and interiors to provide visual breaks and areas of natural material interest.
  5. Open Floor Plans - with kitchens opening to the living room as well as small dens which also faced into the open living area.
  6. Wood Covered and/or Wood Beamed Ceilings - in a variety of styles. Many times celestial windows were incorporated to provide more exterior light while also providing views of the Palm Springs surrounding San Jacinto Mountains.
  7. Clean and Simple Lines.
  8. Outdoor Living Spaces Emphasized. The Desert Modernism / Mid-Century Modern designs incorporated outdoor spaces as part of the overall design either by adding extensive exterior patios or including an interior center atrium - either open-air or covered.

As recognition of Palm Springs` Desert Modernism / Mid-Century Modern Architecture, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) named Palm Springs, California to its prestigious list of America`s Dozen Distinctive Destinations in 2006. This list is an annual national listing of only 12 cultural tourism destinations for architecture.Palm Springs Homes For Sale, Palm Springs Houses For Sale, Palm Springs Condos For Sale

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