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Palm Springs Homes Market `Heats Up`
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CNBC announced the Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Fastest-growing home buyer interest. Palm Springs is ranked number 9 on this list for home buyer interest for Palm Springs Homes, Palm Springs Houses and Palm Springs Condos. 

Here is the CNBC story...

"Though many real estate markets in the U.S. are still hurting, some cities are bucking the trend.

Compared to one year ago, these cities are experiencing significantly heightened buyer interest that could signal a move to a seller`s market in the future."

Data reported by CNBS ..."shows how certain cities have seen an explosion of buyer interest - measured by growth in share of online search traffic, realtive to the top 100 cities searched across the country - compared to one year ago. In this report, cities are ranked by this metric. For most cities, increased buyer interest is accompanied by big increases in sales volume."

Palm Springs ranked number 9 on the CNBC reported list of top 10 cities with the fastest-growing home buyer interest. for Palm Sprigns Homes. Statistics reported by CNBC include:

  1. Growth in Buyer interest up 29%,
  2. Change year-over-year in median sales price down 3.5%, and
  3. Total sales change year-over-year in past 12 months up 16.3%.

Is it now time for you to buy your home in Palm Springs given the favorable Buyers Market?

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