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GO GREEN - Case Study

Energy Efficiency Use and Indoor Air Quality Evaluation A Palm Springs Home Built In 2002

May 31, 2015

Maurice Minno - RealtorRESULTS

  1. GREEN heating and air conditioning system upgrades have resulted in a 4.3% reduction in energy use (year one, year-over-year electric bill comparison).
  2. Indoor environmental comfort has improved significantly due to the ‘right-sizing’ of the air duct system plus installation of electronic damper controls and energy efficient programmable thermostats.

Image: Air Duct System Bid Specifications


Maurice Minno - Realtor


  1. Improve the home’s energy use efficiency, and as a result, reduce electric bills.  Primary homeowner concerns related to the energy used by the home’s multi-zone air conditioning system which resulted in high electric bills.
  2. Improve the interior air flow and circulation as well as the resulting air quality.

Image: New Bryant 4-Ton Air Conditioner Condenser For Bedroom Zone


Existing Conditions

The home was built in 2002 and measures approximately 3,200 square feet.  Two 3-ton split heating and air conditioning systems with an attic ducting network servicing each of the two zones are installed.   One of the two zones services the bedrooms (a master and ensuite guest bedroom), the laundry room and library.  The second zone services the remaining living spaces including the kitchen, dining room, living room, powder room and connecting hallways.   The heating and air conditioning systems are each composed of an indoor furnace and evaporator coil with outside condensers.


Evaluation - Home Inspection By A Certified Home Energy Star (HERS) Rater

Maurice Minno - Realtor

1.  Hired Energy Management Services (EMS) - a professional GREEN Home Energy Star, energy efficiency consultancy.  Contracted with EMS to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the home’s wall and ceiling installed insulation presence, existing multi-zone air conditioning and heating systems and air ducting, with a focus on improving energy use efficiency, interior air quality and air distribution flow.  EMS prepared detailed bid specifications of their recommended HVAC system improvements and upgrades which included Certified Energy Plans (prepared by EMS’s Certified Energy Plans Examiner – CABEC).  These bid specifications were used to obtain bids from three HVAC HERS-rated contractors.  From these bids, one HVAC contractor was selected to perform the recommended work.

Image: New Robert Shaw Programmable Thermostats

Maurice Minno - Realtor2.  Deployed (by EMS) were a variety of techniques to diagnose the home’s current energy use efficiency and air flow systems:

Image: New Ceiling Mounted Register Grill

3.  Identified issues impacting the home’s energy use efficiency:

Only one return air grill was installed in the bedroom zone.  This is insufficient for the space serviced by this zone’s system.  With all bedroom, library and laundry room doors closed, two thirds of the return air is effectively being cut off and is causing the entire system to overwork (on both the air and the refrigerant sides).


Solutions and Results

Energy Use Efficiency Results -- Improved the home’s overall energy use efficiency.  Reduced year one, year-over-year electric bills by 4.3%.

Maurice Minno - Realtor